1. Would you give up playing games if you were offered a Million Ringgit? 

It would be hard to not play a SINGLE GAME at all, but if you mean that if I stop competing in esports I will. But if not playing ANY SINGLE GAME in my life anymore, then i probably won’t. Life will be miserable when you lose your most favourite hobby haha.

  1. Ever played a game that made you rage?

MLBB did give me quite some amount of rage when I get matched up with stupid players xD.

  1. What was the game you first played during your childhood?

The game that I first played the most was definitely WARCRAFT III Frozen Throne. Those custom games were my childhood!

  1. If games didn’t exist, what kind of sport would you play professionally?

Probably won’t be playing sports but be playing piano instead. I was actually pretty good at that.

  1. Who is your favourite character to play with besides your top 3? 

Currently definitely Freya. I have always liked the design of Freya and her ulti is very satisfying to use.

  1. Who would win 1 on 1? Feekz or Xorn? 

Depending on the heroes actually. I think Feekz will win most 1v1 with Hayabusa, but with other heroes, it should be Xorn.

  1. Who would win a 100m dash in the team? 

Xorn should be the most athletic one. So Xorn.

  1. Who would eat the most in the team?


  1. What are you most grateful for? 

Being healthy, having a lovely girlfriend and being able to play games for a living since 2014.

  1. Who is your inspiration?

At first it was the Team Solo Mid players that inspired me to join esports. While later on, Faker and Doublelift became my inspiration for the longest time.

  1. What would you like to say to your supporters?

 Thank you for making my life possible, I wouldn’t have made it so far through these years without the constant support and motivations from you guys. Truly grateful for being here with me especially those that always cheer for me during my stream.

  1. Your Top 3 best anime of all time? 

The Law of Ueki, No Game No Life and Re: Zero.

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