Geek Fam’s Journey in DPC 2019-2020 – The Story So Far

It’s Shuffle Season Again – Time To Rebuild

Hey Fam! It’s that time of the year again – after the conclusion of TI9, we at Geek Fam have decided to undergo some changes to our roster for the 2019/2020 DPC Season.

With some returning players, reinforced with some new additions to the roster (and some pretty well known faces too), we’re ready to take on the 2019-2020 DOTA Pro Circuit season.

In addition to the return of Raven and Xepher, we welcome Kuku, DuBu and Ryoya to the Geek Family! Their addition to the team was received with a warm Geek Fam welcome!

Geek Fam Dota2 2019-2020 Players

You all know who Raven and Xepher are. Raven, one of the most feared carries in the region having made it to three TIs in a row (2016,2017,2018) and Xepher being one of the most prominent Indonesian players. New additions Kuku and Dubu are definitely no strangers to being in the top level of competitive DOTA, both making it to multiple TIs already. As for Ryoya, he is one of the top talents hailing from the North American Professional DOTA 2 scene.

Together they aim to synergize as soon as possible and start bringing success to Geek Fam.

First Tourney As A Team – Asia Communication League Season 2

The team wasted no time at all starting our first tournament together as a roster, participating in the Asia Communication League Season 2, for a chance to win up to more than $25000 USD.

Being placed in Group A alongside strong teams such as Adroit, LING ER and iG Vitality – the stack was pretty much humbled by the performance of all the other teams. We ended up only going as far as the group stage, placing 5th in Group A which meant elimination.

Asia Communication League S2 Standings

Source: Liquipedia

GGWP to CDEC Gaming who went on to win the whole tournament!

ESL One Hamburg 2019 – SEA Qualifiers

We didn’t have time to feel demotivated about what had happened.

Almost immediately after that we shifted our focus to the next hurdle, which is to come out on top the ESL One Hamburg SEA Qualifiers. Some of the most formidable teams in Southeast Asia were invited and participated in this round of Closed Qualifiers such as Sterling Global Dragons, Alpha X Hashtag and Boom Esports. Winning would grant us a spot in ESL One Hamburg 2019. With what was learnt from the previous experience, the team definitely had something to prove.

The team definitely showcased that they have what it takes to be the representative for the Southeast Asia. After a slow start to the Qualifiers, Geek Fam put in strong performances after that, winning in straight sets for both the Upper Bracket Finals and Grand Finals! Good job Geeks!

Below you can view the highlights of what happened during the Qualifiers, including a 5-Man Chrono play by Raven! Nice one!

Once again – we didn’t have much time to celebrate. Soon after that we started to prep for our Qualifier rounds for the first Minor and Majors for this season.

To be continued! Do stay tuned for what’s to come!

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