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Being the leader of Geek Fam PUBG Malaysia, Jangs started playing PUBG just for fun. He decided to go further once he had a taste of success, winning a trip to Australia in the process.

Joining the Fam back in 2018, Jangs has lead the team to high placings in multiple tournaments, including ranking 7th in the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship.

Jangs remains humble yet determined in their quest for more success in the SEA region. He hopes in the future to be able to lead the team into an era of Geek Fam dominance.




Modyyy started his career in competitive Esports as a CS:GO player. He then transitioned into PUBG after watching a couple friends play it; interested in how close to the real world the game is.

Initially juggling between work and Esports, mody eventually decided to focus solely on his Esports career. His play style is to sneak around the compound silently, getting rid of the opposition efficiently.

He enjoys playing snooker in his spare time.




Godly Monarch was introduced to PUBG by his brother – and has never looked back ever since. After multiple strong showings in the competitive Indonesian PUBG scene, Godly and his team were eventually recruited to form Aerowolf Team Seven. Soon after that Godly developed a friendship with Jangs, which would eventually lead to his recruitment to Geek Fam.

Godly is always teamwork oriented, despite a strong individual showing as MVP in the team’s recent participation in the PUBG Malaysia Series Phase 3. Godly hopes his transition into the Malaysian Competitive PUBG scene works smoothly, and help contribute to more of Geek Fam’s success.




Ever since leaving the CS:GO scene, G7 has played PUBG, making it a priority to build a fun yet capable team that is able to go into competitive tournaments.

He self dubs himself as the cold-stone killer, the one that gets the job done, the one that will pull the trigger on the bullet the second he gets to. Efficient and cold is his preferred play-style. He also enjoys training sessions in the gym in order to keep both body and mind, sharp and healthy.




What initially started out as a hobby turned out to be something much bigger.

Jingk is forever thankful for all the bittersweet memories gained so far as a professional PUBG player for Geek Fam.

Jingk aims to use his experience and skill to constantly continuously improve his game, for the benefit of the team.
In his free time, Jingk likes to read books, watch anime and spend time in cafes as a coffee connoisseur.


Champion of PUBG MY/SG Championship 2018
JIB PUBG SEA Championships
Pubg Lite Streamers Showdown
Logitech G PUBG Masters 2018
Vegas Esports PUBG Online Scrims
PUBG Southeast Asia Championship 2019