Once a Geek always a Fam

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The Sweetest Victory for Malaysians.

On 21 April 2019 at Sunway Pyramid, to the roar of hundreds of fans, Geek Fam overcame their naysayers and lifted the MPL-MY/SG Season 3 trophy. In the grand final, they beat 3-1 against two times finalist in MPL-MY/SG Evos Esports SG. 2ez4Jepv, Geek Fam’s captain said “we are very grateful and shocked at the same time, we felt like we are dreaming.”

Their story has been remarkable: underwritten by many as being average, and surrounded by controversy even before the season started – Geek Fam’s journey has been a story of hard work, redemption, and trust in one another, especially when the going was tough.

The Regular Season

Their journey to become champions was not an easy road. Geek Fam started their Regular Season by facing ICON in their opening match. Sadly they lost the series 0-2 in a tame manner. Nevertheless, Jepv said that “Failure is the best teacher” and his team never gave up. They lifted themselves and from then produced a string of impressive victories. This started with a comeback win against Bigetron SG in their second match. For the rest of the Regular Season, Geek Fam only lost to NARA Esports SG, Bosskurr Gaming and XPAX X-Assins, the latter two were surprising because Bosskurr and XPX were considered weaker teams.

The Singaporean Slayers

The title of ‘Singaporean Slayers’ was fondly given to Geek Fam during the Regular Season because they managed to beat 3 of the 4 Singaporean teams (Bigetron SG, EVOS Esports SG, Resurgence). That’s the best record for a Malaysian team this season as time and again Malaysians lost to Singaporean squads. Jepv said that “we really deserved the title of “Singaporean Slayers” because they really couldn’t counter our strategies, and we spent time figuring out their weaknesses and strengths. Although we placed lower than Reborn during the Regular Season, we were considered the strongest Malaysian team in MPL-MY/SG Season 3.’

The MPL-MY/SG Playoffs

At the end of the Regular Season, Geek Fam managed to secure 3rd place in the standings and their first match was against Reborn in the upper bracket. Geek Fam and Reborn were the only Malaysian teams in the upper bracket and Malaysians had high hopes for both teams, especially for Reborn to be the first ever two-time champion. Everyone in Geek Fam agreed that Reborn was the toughest team they faced; in fact, they weren’t worried about Singaporean teams.

Geek Fam managed to defeat Reborn 2-1 in a gruelling series, sending the former champions to the lower bracket. After that, they faced Bigetron SG (former Season 1 champions) and once again won the series 2-1. Finally, the only thing that separated them from the championship title was EVOS Esports SG.

The finals of MPL-MY/SG Season 3 was an intense series with Geek Fam pulling off an out-of-meta combo using Angela and Grock. It surprised everyone, including their opponents EVOS Esports SG. Jepv said that “we kept this special strategy only for the finals and it really paid off. The moment we secured the finals, we were so happy and grateful that we showed everyone that Malaysians are still strong in MPL-MY/SG.”

You can watch the replay of MPL-MY/SG Season 3 Day 2 here.

How do you feel about being the champions of MPL-MY/SG Season 3?

Jepv said “I felt like it was a dream come true for me. Since MPL Season 1, I really wanted to be the champion of MPL.” Xorn answered similarly that he has also been trying since Season 1. Dominus shared that “I was really happy and even when I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t believe that I won MPL-MY/SG!” Artz said that “this was my first time in MPL, and I still cannot believe that I can win it with this team.” Lastly, Rippo he said that “I know I didn’t play any games during the playoffs, but I still learned something from them and I am really happy for the team!”

So who motivates Geek Fam?

Jepv said that “Johnson (the head of operations of Geek Fam) really motivated me and helped me to become a better leader, especially whenever I didn’t know what to do. Other than that, my family and my beautiful wife really encouraged me to be the best I could.” Xorn added, “our analyst Amoux really inspired us to be the best Malaysian team and helped us tremendously to become champions of MPL-MY/SG Season 3.” Others agreed that their captain Jepv motivated them and drove them to work harder in the game.

Why didn’t Rippo play at the Playoffs?


Rippo revealed that he didn’t play because “I wanted to keep the team momentum going. It was not because I had stage fright. Their performance was always on point so there was no need to make changes in the team during the Playoffs.”

What was your winning formula?

It was not only Geek Fam’s 4484 Hong Kong style that proved too hot to handle. They attributed their performance and consequent victory to discipline in training before the tournament. Jepv said that “we worked really hard a week before the Playoffs started. We had a boot camp and we found a meta that we could use during the tournament. I was really glad that my teammates were cooperative and disciplined when it came to training. We always trained in the morning till evening, but at night we would rest and chill together.”

Why did the other Malaysian teams underperform?

Bosskurr Gaming


Mysterious Assassin


XPAX X-Assins

According to Jepv, most Malaysian teams lost to Singaporean teams in MPL-MY/SG because “most of them play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang for fun and are not too serious in the professional scene. Some of them don’t have an analyst. We were really serious about playing professionally, that is why we hired Amoux to help us analyse our matches.”

He added, “I hope Malaysian teams realise that having an analyst is important to win games in big tournaments.”

What’s next for Geek Fam?

Geek Fam just finished participating in the Malaysian SEA Games esports selection but lost to Shopee Bosskur (formerly Bosskur gaming). They will now focus on the Mobile Legends Southeast Asia Cup (MSC) which will happen in June 2019.

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