MLBB Philippines

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The team leader that always maintains his calm and collected composure. Being one of the original members of 1st professional gaming team in the Philippines, Mineski-dota, ynoT has vast experience playing competitive MOBAs, dating back to 2005 (playing Dota).

Being a Esports veteran, he hopes to continue learning and add more knowledge and tournament wins to his belt. ynoT also believes in the development of younger players for the future of Esports, and wishes for a long successful future with Geek Fam.




Best known for his Harith, Esmerelda and Gusion. Yakou is the joker of the team, always there to cheer the team up. He is extremely competitive. Yakou started his professional Mobile Legends career in the Mobile Legends Philippines Cup.

Since then, Yakou has had some sort of involvement with each season’s MPL. Placing 2nd for MPL Season 1 and MSC 2. Finishing as Champion team in MPL season 2. Then 3rd place in MPL Season 3. In MPL Season 4, Yakou decided to test himself as an Analyst instead. Finally now, returning to compete for MPL Season 5 under the Geek Fam banner.




KurTzy started playing Mobile Legends at the ripe age of 14 years old and has always made it his goal to become a professional player. With his talent recognized at a national level, The Kingpins then recruited him, then was subsequently recruited by SGD, and the rest is history.

KurTzy applies the same personality whether it’s in-game or not – calm, patient and brimming with confidence. Besides Esports, he also enjoys poker and swimming as hobbies.




Best known for his Chou, Hilda and Masha. CKTD previously placed Top 7-8 in MPL Season 2 and 4. With his highest placement in MPL S3, ending the playoff in Top 5-6. After once quitting the Mobile Legends professional scene, CKTD has decided to return to play competitively after his friends push him to play again and compete for Geek Fam in the coming MPL.

CKTD is a quiet person in real life but once the game starts, he comes alive. He loves to explore and study heroes and meta.




Previously working hard in night shift, he enjoys playing Mobile Legends in his free time during daytime. As time progressed, he connected with several top players in the nation and founded their own squad, No Limit (which is now Sunspark), before joining Geek Fam.

Contrary to his quiet demeanor, he is quite outgoing and talkative during matches, especially when it comes to communicating with his teammates. With 3 years of experience playing competitive Mobile Legends at his helm, he looks to contribute all he can for Geek Fam’s success.