MLBB Malaysia

Xorn Dominus Jep Feekz Ozoraveki Rumpel Velo



A long time Dota 2 player – Jep was introduced to MLBB by a friend, and has remained with the game ever since.

Leading the Geek Fam MLBB team to two major victories (MSC 2017 & MPL Season 3 2019), his ganking, crowd control, support capabilities, drafting, coaching and leadership skills are integral to the teams success.

Outside of serving the team, Jep enjoys spending quality time with his beloved family.




Adaptable and flexible, Dominus got involved in Esports after pushing high ranks in the Global Heroes Standings for MLBB. Eventually recruited by Geek Fam, he has enjoyed relative tournament success with the squad, the most prominent being MPL season 3 champions.

Having ideal in-game common sense and high-tier skills, his capabilities make any team better. Dominus is determined to rock the Esports scene and eventually be the best in the world.

Besides his relenting passion in Esports, he also enjoys high intensity exercise sessions, which allows him to wind up after a long day.


Ozora Veki


Previously playing League of Legends competitively, Ozora Veki got his break to the professional scene through MLBB. Initially playing for a few amateur teams, his skill and capabilities in MLBB were recognized by Geek Fam.

Despite having a generally laid back yet outgoing personality – in-game Ozora Veki is quite the resourceful individual, collecting and analyzing information for the benefit of the team.

Being one of the new recruits, he hopes to be able to gel seamlessly into the team and win more tournaments in the future.




Feekz motto has always been to ‘Do As Much Damage As You Can’ be it as a fighter or a mage. His mechanics are recognized as one of the best in the region, and is what prompted him to be eventually recruited into Geek Fam.

After tasting the success of MPL season 3, Feekz is hungry for more and is very determined to contribute to Geek Fam’s future success.

One of his favourite hobbies is annoying Dominus.




Hailing from Semenyih, Kajang, Xorn has been trying his shot at glory ever since Season 1 of MPL. Being Mobile Legends Veterans alongside Jep, his vast tournament experience has more than kept the team out of sticky situations. He is the certified analyst of the group, learning from past matches and gathering intel whether it’s about other teams or even team improvements.

Xorn is the soul of the team, always advising younger members of the team about valuable life lessons, which the other team members take to heart.




Another new addition to the Fam, Rumpel hopes to be able to contribute in elevating Geek Fam’s MLBB game to higher levels and capture more tournament wins.

Starting out by playing with friends, Rumpel gained invaluable tournament experience by joining multiple tournaments since 2012. Being a professional League of Legends player previously has certainly helped with his transition into the MLBB scene.

Rumpel also enjoys playing Pokemon GO, as the Mobile demands him keep his health in check.


MPL-MY/SG Season 3
Selangor Cyber Games
MSC 2019
Mobile Legends Giler Tournament
Clash Of Champions
Star Supa Comic 2018