Mobile Legends’ First Talent Hunt Happening In Malaysia



The eCurve Gaming Championship (EGC) 2019, organised by Geek Events, is happening from 23 March to 31 March. The DiGi-sponsored event features a PUBG Mobile tournament and Malaysia’s first-ever Mobile Legends Talent Hunt. Professional esports players will also be there, offering mentorship to new, aspiring gamers stepping into the competition.

The organiser, Geek Events, has previously organised events such as Geek Out Zone at Influencer Festival 2018, and the PUBG MY/SG Championship 2018, an official PUBG Corp tournament featuring a RM40,000 prize pool which was also the biggest PUBG tournament
ever held in Malaysia.

The event, while catering towards younger players, also contains a unique twist in the form of the ‘Geek Draft’. The Geek Draft is the solo qualifier segment for the Mobile Legends Tournament, where registered players will “audition” for the chance to play in the same team as a professional player from Geek Fam Mobile Legends. The team is a full time professional Mobile Legends team that is one of the highly ranked teams in Season 3 of the Mobile Legends Pro League (MPL).

Join In The Fun!

Those who are interested are welcome to come to eCurve or by joining the qualifier online. They will then be placed into randomly selected teams to play against each other while the professional players watch the match and judge the performance of the players. Once the judging is complete, each of the professional players will then select 4 amateur players to join their team, somewhat like The Voice.

The selection will take place from 25 March to 29 March, and the tournament will commence on 30 March to 31 March, in which players will go against amateur teams that have qualified for the finals through the separate team qualifiers that will have also been held earlier in the week.

Another noteworthy addition is Team Bosskurr who will be present at the event. This team is one of the prominent professional esports teams in Malaysia Malaysia that is also currently competing in MPL Season 3.

Their second team will be entering the Mobile Legends tournament at EGC 2019. Team manager, Daddy Hood, will be in charge as one of the judges alongside the pro players from Geek Fam Mobile Legends.

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