1. What would you do when you don’t played PUBG? 

Sleep, eat and Netflix.

  1. What’s your special talent that no one knows about you?

A great futsal player.

  1. What kind of season(musim) do you like?


  1. What’s your favourite cartoon?


  1. If you could date any celebrity. Who would you date? 

Baby Shima.

  1. If you could go anywhere with your date, where would you go? 

Abu Dhabi.

  1. Which restaurant in your hometown would you recommend is a must go to? 

Bedudun Cafe.

  1. Besides PUBG Mobile. What games do you play?

Mobile Legends, GTA and PUBG LITE.

  1. What kind of games do you like? 

War games.

  1. Was your first game played on PC, console or mobile?


  1. What are your thoughts on PC gamers saying they are better than console and mobile gamers?

 Each player has their own advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Would you give up playing games if you were offered a Million Ringgit? 

Look at the situation, but for now, I would say I’m not gonna stop playing games unless u give me a Billion Ringgit, not Million. HAHAHAA.

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