Geek Fam Enters the PUBG Scene by Acquiring Stadium Fighter Malaysia

Source: eGG Network


On Wednesday, one of Malaysia’s top Dota 2 and League of Legends team, Geek Fam, has acquired a PUBG team, previously known as Stadium Fighter Malaysia.

PUBG has been a fan favourite since its release in 17th March 2017, and the game has slowly made its way into the Esports scene, especially in SEA. It may have been overtaken by Fortnite in recent weeks, but the PUBG hype is still alive and kicking in this region.

With that, Geek Fam is confident about the growth of PUBG in the SEA region and they took Stadium Fighter Malaysia under their wing due to the team’s dynamics and dedication to the game.

I feel pretty confident that our team (Geek Fam PUBG) is amongst the best teams in Malaysia. I’m positive that Geek Fam PUBG will be the first PUBG team in Malaysia and in SEA to raise the bar.

Muhammad “JangsxMan” Farhan

You can watch the signing/hand-shaking video here!

These are the current members of the team:

1) Muhammad “JangsxMan” Farhan;
2) Muhammad “Saviour” Hazwan;
3) Raziq “ModyxMan” Azraei;
4) Muhammad Izzuan “KnyGod” Safwan.

All 4 team members were previously professional CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) players, and they ventured into PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) due to its recent rising popularity. The team also recently competed in the PUBG Australia Invitational ZIMO 2018, sponsored by Orange Esports.

Geek Fam PUBG will be participating at this weekend’s (9th – 10th June 2018) PUBG Southeast Asia Championship Singapore and Malaysia’s Finals happening at Battle Arena Malaysia.

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