Geek Fam Announces Geek Academy

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geekfam academy

While Geek Fam announced their Dota 2 roster for the Pro Circuit season earlier this week, earlier today they also announced their own academy – Geek Academy.

Many big teams across the world have academies setup to both grow esports in their regions and foster young talent in whatever game they find themselves interested in. For Geek Fam, the academy will seek to do much of the same but does not only focus on in-game skills or the “hardcore” gamer. Geek Academy is set to help players in communication skills, mechanical abilities and critical thinking – all of which have application both within games both competitively and casually but also in the outside world.

The academy will focus on two main games; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, both games with massive followings worldwide. The academy works closely with players from within Geek Fam to cultivate the perfect program to help each individual excel. The official website of Geek Academy has a great amount of information on the program that they are offering:

“Our tuition program focuses primarily on our students’ cognitive development. We educate them about hard cognitive skills such as hand-eye coordination skills and anticipation & reaction time, as well as training their soft cognitive skills such as the process of analysis and critical thinking, while multitasking. The program will also touch on personal development in social skills and in strengthening their mental fortitude, providing them with a fundamental advantage against their opponents.”

Geek Academy has come about due to a partnership with The Academy of Esports and will move forward under the Geek Fam banner. With esports quickly gaining massive popularity both globally and within the Southeast Asia region, the Geek Academy is a great way to build strong minds to move into competitive gameplay – or to utilise gaming as a learning tool. You can find out more about the Geek Academy, including their program and contact details here.

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