Geek Fam and KOHAI Announces Partnership

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Geek Fam is proud to announce a partnership with KOHAI, Malaysia’s first esports community matchmaking platform, that gives the everyday enthusiasts an experience of a lifetime to play with more experienced players or professionals.


The KOHAI platform connects esports enthusiasts (Gamers) with experienced players (Partners), allowing Gamers the opportunities to game and/or train with Partners for a fee through random matchmaking, with the goal to elevate Malaysia’s esports standards by making it more exciting and competitive.

Geek Fam has been a foundation for young professional players, and many have flourished in their esports careers even after they have moved on to other teams. Geek Fam and KOHAI share similar values which is that teaching and learning is of the utmost importance.

With this partnership,Geek Fam’s professional players such as Xorn, Feekz, Damrude, Sane and more, who are KOHAI Partners, will be present and ready to take action with the fams through the KOHAI app. Gamers will need to request for a Partner through the KOHAI Gamer app to have the opportunity to be paired with our players in their next MLBB or PUBG Mobile in their next gaming session.

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