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We at Geek Academy aim to educate geeks everywhere about how they can elevate themselves to not only be better gamers but also better individuals. By using games and esports as a tool of learning, we instil in our students’ many values and skills which are valuable to not only take on virtual challenges but real-life ones as well.

What Makes Geek Academy’s Teaching Different?


Beyond just a Regular Academic Centre

At the Geek Academy, we also focus on instilling valuable transferable skills, like conflict management, decision making and social skills that will prepare them to take on any future life challenges head on.


We Make Learning Easy with Games

Many parents may not be aware that by using games to educate kids, it increases their academic results by 23%. The fun and engaging environment enhances the student’s learning experience, by having them internalise these lessons and applied to their daily life.


Develop at their own pace

Every student has their own learning curve. Geek Academy provides its students with the time and space to learn and develop these hard to master skills at their own personalised pace.

Developed and Endorsed by Professionals


Through working with professional players at Geek Fam who have a total lifetime prize winnings of over USD$2million, we curate our programme to comprehensively improve our students’ gaming ability. Whether it is about how they can climb the ranks or how they could play at a competitive level. Our programme will cover all these elements and more.

gaming as tool of learning


Cognitive Abilities

Cognitive abilities are learnable and teachable skills using games as a medium of education through understanding and analysis of the game. We educate students on how to analyse, problem-solve, and improve their mechanical skills to play better in and out of game.


Mental Fortitude

Mental Fortitude focuses on our students’ mindset to succeed. We believe in setting a strong mental foundation for our students to overcome all obstacles, which would then enable them to be able to achieve more in life.


Social Intelligence

Clear communication is critical to have an advantage in any team game. Thus, we help facilitate our students’ social skills by improving their self-confidence to communicate better with their friends and teammates as well as to be able to have constructive discussions amongst themselves.

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